Capturing the Spirit of Victory with Nick Knight

12 June, 2018

After a $10B renovation, City of Dreams was ready to relaunch in an epic way. When we thought of all the artists who could push the envelope to help us create a launch campaign as new, fresh, and futuristic as the property itself, we knew there was only one photographer we could work with: Nick Knight, world-renowned for his visionary fashion photography and film (having shot everyone from Björk and Lady Gaga to the Queen of England). Working with Nick was an unforgettable experience, on a scale that has never before been attempted by a luxury hotel in Asia.

Shooting over three days in a clandestine London studio, we used 3D body scans and virtual mapping to create a mythical and modern vision of victory. The final campaign stars Donnie Yen, Asia’s biggest martial-arts action star, and Du Juan, a superstar actress and model who’s graced more than 20 Vogue covers, reinterpreted historical victors, heroes, and heroines with a sci-fi feel. One part art history, one part Blade-Runner beauty, the campaign is a fitting tribute to the visionary artistry of the world’s most audacious new brand.

All images (c) Nick Knight.

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